Clarke County Relay For Life

first-post.pngToday's fun local event is the Relay for Life at Johnson Williams Middle School!  

My daughter joined The Ladybuggers' team as a kindergartener, and gets more excited about it each year.  The amazing this about this annual event is how our comparatively small community manages to raise so much money while having a terrific good time. Over a decade of dedication from such admirable individuals as Loretta Stem, Jenny Kronfeld and Kitty Henry make this annual event a mainstay of Berryville's community-mindedness.  If you haven't had some contact with Clarke County Relay for Life, then you just haven't been here long enough yet -- we will get to you!

Check out this moving video made a few years ago by a Relay supporter:

(No endorsement of my candidacy is implied. I just love the video, even when it makes me cry.)

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